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Conservatory Roof Insulation in Fawdon - Compare Costs

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In order to get the most out of your conservatory, you need to have the right insulation. Conservatory roof insulation Fawdon should be done by professionals in order to ensure the structural integrity of your building isn’t compromised in the process. Fortunately, we have plenty of experienced professionals in our network standing by ready to complete your project, and finding one is as easy as filling out the form you see below.

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conservatory roof insulation Fawdon

Why Fawdon Conservatory Roof Insulation Is Important

You may have added a conservatory because you wanted an informal place to gather and relax. Even so, it can be difficult to enjoy this addition the way you would like because it is either too hot during the Summer or too cold during the Winter. Heating and cooling this room can also be expensive, since a great deal of air is lost through the roof of the structure. Insulating your Fawdon conservatory is the answer, making it easier to control the temperature inside so you can use your addition year round.

How is Conservatory Roof Insulation Performed?

This project can be performed by adding a polycarbonate material to the outside of your roof. Since it is opaque and aesthetically pleasing, it will blend well with the exterior of your building while also allowing light to penetrate. On the inside, a plastered ceiling will be added to cover up unsightly beams and give the interior the look of a more traditional room. Each project is custom designed to allow for the slope, pitch and shape of that particular conservatory’s roof.

Fawdon conservatory roof insulation companies

Adding Insulation to a Glass Conservatory Roof

Transparent glass conservatory roofs allow light to pour through, much like being outside. In fact, this is one of the perks of having a sunroom; homeowners can enjoy the outdoors without exposing themselves to the elements. Insulating a glass conservatory roof involves adding a ceiling, but contractors can leave skylights behind to allow for sunlight. This is a decision you will need to consider carefully. Remember that adding insulation will make your conservatory more comfortable year-round, but it will influence the amount of sunlight that makes it through.

usability of insulated conservatories

Will it Affect Usability?

Insulating a conservatory roof insulation will not affect the usability of your structure - in fact, it will make it more usable than ever before. You will still be able to enjoy a great deal of sunlight coming through the walls, which means you can still use the space as a greenhouse if you would like. You can also elect to leave roof openings to allow more light in. Ultimately, having roof insulation performed reduces the glare of the sun so you can enjoy sitting in your space even during summer afternoons.

Are there other Benefits?

Aside from regulating the inside temperature of your Fawdon conservatory, there are some other advantages of conservatory insulation for you to consider:

  • Project can usually be completed in one or two days, which means that construction will cause minimal disruption to your everyday activities
  • Can increase property values since your conservatory space will be more user-friendly than before
  • Reduces the possibility of algae building up on the roof, which could be unsightly and require special cleaning
  • Decreases the amount of outside noise that can be heard while inside the room
  • Allows for a greater amount of privacy than before
  • Eliminates the need for special blinds to cover roof openings
  • Polycarbonate covering provides a greater level of protection for the roof during heavy storms
  • Little ceiling height is lost once the project is complete
  • Ceiling can be painted or stained as desired

What Materials Make the Best Conservatory Insulation?

Unlike your home, which may contain loose-fill insulation or pink batts between the walls, you’ll need different types of insulation in your conservatory to maximize usable space and maintain the gorgeous view. The absolute best option is transparent or translucent polycarbonate material that not only insulates, but also blocks UV rays that can fade your furniture or give you a sunburn. You can also find new window films that are designed to either absorb or reflect heat, thus making your sunroom far more comfortable in every season.

best conservatory insulation

Gas-Filled Roof Windows

These days, window manufacturers have several options available to those who own conservatories. Many of these double- or triple-pane windows are filled with gas, such as argon, which can act as an insulator. These windows can keep your conservatory more comfortable, but they cannot provide as much insulation as a plastered, insulated ceiling. That’s because an insulated ceiling will stop sunlight as well as heat, keeping your conservatory cooler during the warmer months.

conservatory roof insulation costs Fawdon

Factors that Influence Costs

Average Fawdon conservatory roof insulation costs depend on a number of factors, and a few of them include:

  1. Size and slope of the roof - a bigger roof with a higher pitch can be more expensive to make over
  2. Whether roof openings are being left, as this could require more cutting of material
  3. Time of year when the project is completed, as many contractors give discounts for work performed during the off season

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Professional Installation is Crucial

Conservatory roofs are usually constructed from either glass or polycarbonate. This means that when the time comes to install insulation on these structures, the job is best left to a qualified and experienced roofing installer. This will ensure that the insulation is correctly installed and that no part of your fragile roof is damaged during the process. Once you have had insulation installed on your conservatory roofing, you will be able to enjoy spending time in there all year round – regardless of how cold or wet it may get during the winter months.

professional Fawdon conservatory insulation

Your Fawdon conservatory roof insulation questions answered

Conservatories are designed to allow you to enjoy the outdoors without actually having to step out your door. By insulating, you can enjoy it year round, while reducing your overall energy costs. Paired with double paned windows, you can make your conservatory energy efficient.

This will depend on the overall size of your conservatory. On the high end, you can expect costs of around £1500. This can be partially mitigated by installing the insulation yourself, but it may or may not be an easy do-it-yourself job.

The most common type of insulation is a product known as SuperQuilt, which consists of 19 different layers of foam, foil sheeting, and wadding. Ceiling tiles or plasterboard is normally placed over top of this.

Yes, it is. These days, there are various options available that will not only allow you to still enjoy spending time in the sun all year round; they will help reduce your energy bills substantially as well.

Whether you’ll be able to use your room year-round, even with the right amount and type of insulation, depends primarily on your climate. However, with the addition of a portable air conditioner or heater, you will certainly get more use out if it than ever before. The insulation will help trap the heated or cooled air, thereby extending your conservatory’s usefulness.

When you insulate your conservatory, and add a ceiling instead of glass or transparent plastic panels, you will reduce the amount of sunlight. However, the insulation will keep heat inside the room, which will allow it to stay warmer in the Winter and cooler in the Summer.

This is not recommended, as it requires specialist skills to ensure that no damage occurs while the insulation is being installed. Instead, it is best to use our form so that we can refer a reliable roofing company to you.

The amount of time required to install insulation will depend on the type of roof it has, the type of insulation that is being installed and the size of the roof it is being installed on.

The Quote Process

When it comes to comparing prices, the quality of a contractor’s work should be considered. Some companies will cut corners when it comes to quality in order to provide a lower estimate, with the result being that repairs could be needed a short time later. The professionals in our network are pre-screened for the quality of their workmanship, so you can be confident the type of work you will receive is top-notch.

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Sample Insulation Requests

Looking to use your Fawdon conservatory for more of the year? You're not alone. Here are just a small selection of the insulation quote requests we receive daily here at Trusted Roofing.

Date Summary Request
23 Oct Cold Conservatory Our conservatory is extremely cold during the winter months; therefore we have decided to have roof insulation installed. Please provide us with a quote for materials and service.
23 Oct Foil Reflective Insulation I have an L shaped conservatory 3.3M * 5.1M at the widest point and a total of 15 square metres. I am looking for foil reflective insulation with internal plastic cladding. I am an electrician and I will remove and replace the lights myself
23 Oct Roof Tiles Want a quote for my 10ft x 8ft sunroom to have roof tiles and insulation on it's pitched roof. Would also like the low brick walls to be properly insulated too
23 Oct Pitched Roof Quote for our conservatory roof to be insulated. Approx dimensions of 12ft x 8ft with standard pitched roof for size.
23 Oct Too Hot In Summer Looking to insulate my glass roof to enable me to use it throughout the year instead of just spring and autumn. At the moment it is too hot in summer and too cold in winter
22 Oct Keep Roof On For a small conservatory : roof insulation which does not include taking the roof off
22 Oct Lean To I have a small lean to roof and I would like it insulated and tiled please.
22 Oct Glass Ceiling We need to be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer (the old story). We have a large glass ceiling conservatory with lots of lead flashing and two remote controlled opening roof windows. We are open to all solutions - but much warmer in the winter is a priority!
22 Oct Energy Efficiency Our conservatory has a solid roof and we have been advised to consider insulating it as part of a drive to increase the energy-efficiency of our home.
22 Oct Quote Needed Our conservatory is extremely cold during the winter months; therefore we have decided to have roof insulation installed. Please provide us with a quote for materials and service.
Information Wanted Our sunroom is unpleasantly cold during the Winter months, which means that we aren’t able to spend as much time in there as we would like to. Would you be able to provide us with an expert opinion about insulating its roof, and an estimate of the cost to do so?
Advice & Costs We have a conservatory that spends most of the year unused due to the temperature inside and wondered if getting it insulated would enable us to utilise it more. Please get in touch with advice and costs for this type of project.
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